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Fruit fools are so simple.  Usually just a mixture of fruit puree and whipped cream, with a little icing sugar to sweeten if needed.  I hardly need to re-type the recipe.  Once you have understood the principle you can dream up your own concoctions.  (At some point I may well experiment with a 50/50 mixture of cream and yoghurt, which would add a different dimension – if it works well I will post the results.)

The source was my well used paperback Claire MacDonald’s Quick & Easy Desserts & Puddings which I originally borrowed from the library on a long loan and then found in a charity shop.  The recipe below needed no adapting, apart from my use of Elmlea Double Cream (the 55% less fat than ordinary Double Cream version).  I expect Elmlea Whipping Cream would work well too, but not single as it would not thicken.  The original makes 6 small portions.

Variations (see below): Rhubarb & Raspberry Fool


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Strawberry and Banana Fool
(Serves 4-6)

100fl ozs/284ml Double Cream (Elmlea)
Icing sugar to taste (and dust over finished dish)
4 Bananas
450g/1lb Fresh Strawberries (works well if slightly soft)

1.  If serving in individual dishes reserve slices of banana and either a small strawberry (cut into a fan shape) or a single slice, depending on size of fruit.  For a large dish save a single strawberry fan and a few slices of banana.

2.  Puree Bananas and Strawberries in food processor. Sweeten with icing sugar if needed.

3.  Whip Cream in a separate bowl.

3.  Combine cream and fruit puree.  Pile into bowl or bowls and decorate as above.


Rhubarb & Raspberry
1 stick of rhubarb per portion, lightly stewed in the microwave without water and sugar to taste.  Cool and, reserving enough for decoration, mix in 2ozs raspberries per portion.  Sweeten to taste with icing sugar or alternatively a little rose syrup (or rosewater can be used, but still with icing sugar).  Mix well and continue as in steps 3 & 4 above.

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