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April ‘Meanderings’ …

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Pictured (top to bottom)
Courgette & Lentil Gratin
Australian Spiced Roast Pork
Chocolate Up and Over Pudding
Spicy Hot Cross Buns

100_2915str-courgette-lentil-gratin-2The French expression ‘à la carte’ meaning ‘from the menu’ or ‘by the map’ (the word carte meaning both menu and map) is, I think, particularly suitable for this site.   I see life very much as a journey, hence the title of my original site ‘Meanderings along the narrow way’.  I try to follow the rewarding, if more difficult, ‘narrow path’ Jesus advocates rather than the easy ‘wide path’ (Matthew 7 verse 13) in my Christian life.  My original title was chosen to reflect the way my life’s path takes me in all 100_2332-Australian spiced roast porksorts of directions, of which food with its connected diversions is just one.

This is my first monthly roundup – this site was launched on 1 April 2009.  A complete list of recipes from April can be found further down in this post.  However, as this is the first monthly roundup since 100_2881-chocolate-up-and-over-puddingthis site was formally launched, I have also included all recipes and food information transferred from my other site.  (These are marked * – apart from † which was also published in the Parish of Walthamstow magazine.)

In April we have marked the end of Lent, celebrated Easter and had a very enjoyable short break (along with 150 others from the church) on the Suffolk coast – a very successful self catering event.  I have spent a short while in our local hospital, Whipps Cross, sampling its catering which was not too bad, although there were some interesting choices. “Rice Pudding?” “Would you like custard with that?” and (me) “I’ll have the fish please” to which the reply was “Would you like gravy with it?” – I will certainly not be experimenting with any of these options! I was grateful for the Chinese takeaway on the day I came home which saved me having to cook. There is something very homely about Chicken & Cashew Nuts, in fact, it made me get out the wok the following week to cook my own version.

During Holy Week our parish held Taste! a food orientated event, which was a new venture.  This might seem unusual for this particularly solemn week, often associated with fasting rather than food, but it was an expression of the mission of one of our churches.  St Luke’s no longer has a building but operates a stall serving the community and stallholders at our local Sunday Farmers’ market. It is recognised as a Fresh Expression of Church in Chelmsford Diocese.  The event was built around an Italian Cookery Demonstration by Walthamstow Farmers’ Market stallholder Giovanni Carleschi, of ‘Seriously Italian’ with food available from our regular Traidcraft supplied Fairtrade food stall and tasters of food from the Farmers’ Market, all of which is low in ‘food miles’, being sourced from within 100 miles of Walthamstow.  We also heard about the work of the Christian Kitchen, which has been running locally for about 14 years feeding a substantial hot meal to around 50 local homeless people every night of the year. It is volunteer staffed and financially supported by local churches of all denominations.  Running through the evening were short reflections on food and the Christian faith.  This was a highly enjoyable and popular community event, attended by church members and local people.

100_2509 Spicy Hot Cross BunsIt is some years since I made a Simnel Cake for Easter and I also made Hot Cross Buns again this year, having come across Nigella Lawson’s recipe in the Easter issue of Radio Times. I also rediscovered some almost forgotten recipes, some of which I was able to serve when entertaining friends, including Australian Spiced Roast PorkChocolate Up and over Pudding and Courgette & Lentil Gratin.

On the television I have been watching Gary Rhodes’ new series Rhodes Across the Caribbean where he explores the varied cooking across the islands.  It was interesting to hear the reason for the use of salt cod in the region: it is, of course, not an indigenous fish. During the dark days of slavery salt cod was introduced as a cheap ‘ballast’ for the empty boats that were sent from the UK and afterwards was found to be useful to feed to the slaves.  A dreadful reason, but if it was not for this we would not have the famous dish Saltfish & Ackee or, one of my favourites, Salt Fish Cakes regularly made by a Jamaican friend who has recently given me her recipe!  It is a long series and I’m looking forward to watching more.

Recipes (complete list up to and including April)…

Prawn & Tomato Korma
Courgette & Lentil Gratin
Chocolate Up and Over Pudding
Spanish Style Pork & Peppers
Roast Lamb with Orange & Rosemary
Spicy Hot Cross Buns
Simple Cheese & Tomato Topped Baked Fish
Strawberry & Banana Fool
Old-fashioned Bread Pudding
Fish Pie with Pesto Topping
Australian Spiced Roast Pork
Chilled Citrus & Melon Cocktail

*Spicy Chicken with Chickpea Couscous
*Spanish Style Chicken with Red Peppers
*Smoky Fish Chowder
*Pot Roasted Vegetables & Pearl Barley
*Tomato Risotto
*Lime Syllabub
*Sliced Caramel Oranges
*Le ‘Far’ Breton

and other posts

Divine: Heavenly Chocolate Recipes with Heart – Linda Collister
*Hot Sun, Cool Shadow – Angela Murrills
*Food & Drink Discoveries (Languedoc, France – Holiday 2007)

If, in my Meanderings…, I use a recipe book I aim to credit the writer and where I use it often I aim to place information in the sidebar. Where available Highlighted links lead to reviews, the author’s or publisher’s website.  (Some books may be out of print and information in some cases is no longer available or cannot be traced.)


‘For what we are about to receive…’ May 2009 and beyond

Food for the mind…

Non Fiction Food book

Going with the Grain: Travels for the love of Bread – Susan Seligson  I have had this on loan from my sister-in-law for some time and it is about time I read it!  It’s a travelogue about baking with recipes in a easy to handle paperback.  I don’t plan to finish it all in a month, so it will probably be a while before a review appears, if I think it worth it!

Recipe book

Various books on Pasta  & Pizza  including Step-by-step Pizza by Wendy Lee

… and for the May table

It’s my dad’s birthday on 3rd and I am cooking lunch.  I’m planning Roast Beef & Yorkshire Puddings with a special dessert.  Watch out for Apricot Hazelnut Meringue Gateau which I already know I will be posting.  (Another rediscovered recipe that I last cooked about 20 years ago!)

Our Italian FEAST! event at church has left me wanting more, so I am planning to cook Pasta and/or Pizza (hopefully both) at least once each week during May and recipes will appear during June.  There are quite a lot of Pizza base variations to try and enough types of pasta and sauce to keep my pasta loving daughter happy for the whole month, I hope!

Happy Cooking & Eating!

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