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June ‘Meanderings’ …

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Strawberry & Almond Cream
Smoked Salmon, Fennel & Onion Quiche
Special Pilaf Kedgeree
Pork Sausages Indian Style

I am writing this on 1 July, the hottest day of the year in London this year, so far.  Wimbledon is on the television and nobody feels like eating very much. Just as well I have chosen to look at recipes for salads and ice creams/sorbets in the coming weeks.  More about that later on…  Tonight we ate Eggs Flamenco, labelled in the book (Salads & Snacks by Carol Bowen) as a light lunch, accompanied by new potatoes and a simple green salad – it was just right!

100_4122 Strawberry & Almond CreamStrawberries and Salmon have both appeared on our family menu regularly during June.  I am fortunate in having an excellent local street market just around the corner and the strawberries have been plenteous and relatively inexpensive.  It always seems sad to puree or cook this fruit which is so lovely eaten fresh, with or without sugar.  Our favourite way to eat strawberries is one of the simplest: served with (low fat) Greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey and both Strawberry & Almond Cream and Shrikhand with Strawberries are simple unfussy recipes. We have also eaten Strawberry & Banana Fool: good for fruit slightly past its best.  

100_3447 Smoked salmon quiche

I was fortunate to find the excellent book Cooking with Salmon: the King of Fish by Jane Bamforth in our local library. It is packed full of information on cooking salmon with a wealth of recipes for different occasions and recipes for smoked, fresh and canned salmon.  In many cases the recipes call for flaked fish, so salmon off cuts can be used rather than the more expensive cuts.  Salmon is very good nutritionally, being high in protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, known as the “good fats”, with a 4oz serving  providing a the daily requirement of vitamin D as 100_4038 Special Pilaf Kedgereewell as other vitamins and minerals. Read more Salmon nutritional and health information …   Recipes in the book  which caught my eye were: Salmon Chowder, Salmon Goujons with a lime & caper dip (which would make a great starter), Salmon Quiche with Potato Pastry and Salmon Risotto with Cucumber & Fennel as well as several recipes for baked salmon.  I added to the list of pizza toppings from last month with Double Salmon & Avocado Pizza and tried Lime & Basil Baked Salmon Parcels, both based on recipes in Jane Bamforth’s book.  Salmon recipes from elsewhere posted this month were Smoked Salmon, Fennel & Onion Quiche based on an idea from Delia Smith and Special Pilaf Kedgeree, a delicious rice based mixture dating back to the British Raj, my version being a combination of several recipes.  

100_4313 Pork Chipolatas Indian StyleContinuing on an Indian theme, this month’s rediscovery was Pork Sausages Indian Style from Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cookery, her first and most well known book.  I watched a couple of episodes of the Hairy Bikers Ride Again, where the boys were in Southern India in the beautiful setting of Kerala and the Cardamom Hills. 

One fascinating programme on television this week has examined the relative benefits of five world diets: Indian, Italian, Japanese, Southern Californian and post-war British.  Some interesting facts and figures, but sadly no recipes which would have been good.  Which diet was most successful?  Read more here… Episode 1Episode 2The Result.  A friend sent me an email link to the supposed 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet, which makes interesting reading. I am not sure if the foods are listed in order, but I regularly have almost all in my cupboard or fridge so I must be doing something right.

Finally, this month, on a weekend away in Yorkshire, we ate fish and chips under the chandeliers in the elegant surroundings of Harry Ramsden’s famous Restaurant in Guiseley, a place I have wanted to go to for a long time.  The fish was in a delicious light and crispy beer batter, one of the best I have ever eaten.

For a full list of postings since the May Meanderings… see below.  (Recipes already posted have been highlighted and the others will appear in coming weeks.)

June Recipes …

Chicken with Orange & Mint
Double Salmon & Avocado Pizza
Creamy Pasta with Bacon & Courgettes
Shrikhand with Strawberries
Pork Sausages Indian Style
Special Pilaf Kedgeree
Strawberry & Almond Cream
Smoked Salmon, Fennel & Onion Quiche
Sausage & Courgette Pasta
Apricot Hazelnut Meringue Gateau

Back to basics…
Basic Recipe: Pastry (just Shortcrust at present)

Meanderings ‘a la carte’ from previous months


‘For what we are about to receive…’ July 2009 and beyond

Food for the mind…

Non Fiction Food book
Our thoughts are now turning towards our summer holiday and this year  we are off Brittany in Western France.  I enjoy reading books on travel & place which include food information and recipes.  A couple of years ago I enjoyed Hot Sun, Cool Shadow and would welcome any ideas and suggestions, not just for books of this type on Brittany but for anywhere in the world.

… and for the July table – Salads & Ice Cream/Sorbet

Salads are perfect for this hot weather and I will be looking out some favourite combinations, both as complete main meal salads and side salad accompaniments.  I am also looking forward to making Sorbets and Ice Creams again, though I am having trouble choosing the flavours to make.  There are so many lovely ones – which to choose?!  I have a compact little ice-cream machine, a Phillips Delitzia, which has been in store for a couple of years.  It is one of the type that you have to freeze in advance, but although my freezer is usually packed to the hilt I never find too much problem fitting it in as a bag of frozen peas fits perfectly inside it! 

Recipe books I’ll be looking through…
Step by step Cooking: Salads & Vegetables – Pub: Marshall Cavendish
Salads & Snacks by Carol Bowen
Ice Creams by Heather Lambert
Making Ice Cream & Iced Desserts by Joanna Farrow & Sara Lewis

Happy Eating!


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