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September ‘Meanderings’ …

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Pictured (top to bottom)
Spanish Style Chicken with Red Peppers
Tarte au Citron

Baked Tomato Stuffed Marrow

Raspberry Bakewell Pudding

100_2357-crop-spanish-style-chicken-with-red-peppersBefore I review my cookbook meanderings for September, I’d like to pause to raise a glass to toast chef and food writer Keith Floyd, who died on 14 September 2009.  He was always such fun to watch, often sharing a bottle of wine with the food he was cooking and never afraid to say when a dish had not worked out quite as he had originally planned. His programmes, in particular those in later years, gave insights into the cultures and kitchens of those he interviewed, as well as showing us a wide range of traditional recipes and his own variations.  His recipe for Rabbit with Red Peppers  is one of our favourite recipes (except I make Chicken with Red Peppers, as rabbit is so difficult to get).  I will have to make some again soon in his honour!

100_2336 Tarte au Citron with berriesI have enjoyed looking through the French cookery books and trying to hang on to some of our summer holiday food memories.  We have eaten savoury galettes, a Basque-style Tortilla omelette and Far Breton.  I have posted a Tarte au Citron recipe, but I have yet to find a reasonably authentic French pork pâté recipe to try out.  I have re-invented my usual Ratatouille recipe adding some home dried orange peel, a tip from Cooking in Provence by Alexander MacKay & Peter Knab, where it is used in their version of Ratatouille.  I found it really adds a ‘sunshine’ flavour and smell of the Mediterranean. I will keep a jar of crushed dried peel in the cupboard from now on: just remove the zest, but not the pith, with a peeler and dry in the airing cupboard (takes about 3 days) or in a very low oven (takes about 6 hours).  I’m sure I will continue to explore recipes from France in the coming months.

100_7970   Baked tomato stuffed marrowIn the meantime, I have been starting to make use of the wonderful Autumn fruits and vegetables that we have acquired: a chance find of damsons on an Oxfordshire country lane and the large quantities of cucumbers and beetroot bought on the local market.  I had planned to make chutneys and pickles in October so I had plenty to get on with!

At the end of October we are going to Amsterdam for a few days for a short break: a special birthday celebration.  Alongside traditional Dutch food, there seems to be much variety coming from the melting pot of the many different cultures who call the country home following centuries of exploration and conquest.  I will be looking out for Erwtensoep (a thick pea soup, which I am fairly sure I have eaten before and should be great if the weather is 100_7608 Raspberry Bakewell Tartchilly), pancakes, Dutch Apple Pie, peanut biscuits (remembered fondly from my previous visit) and spiced biscuits called Speculaas.

For a full list of postings since my August Meanderings see below.  (Recipes already posted have been highlighted and the others will appear in coming weeks.)

September Recipes …

Baked Tomato Stuffed Marrow
Lime & Basil Baked Salmon Parcels
Raspberry Bakewell Pudding
Rich Coconut Dessert Cake
Roast Lamb with Chilli Sauce
Roasted Lemon Chicken
Tarte au Citron

Back to basics:
Basic Recipe: Tortilla Omelette – with Bacon, Mushroom & Spinach

 Meanderings ‘a la carte’ from previous months

‘For what we are about to receive…’ October 2009 and beyond

Food for the mind…

Non Fiction Food book
I am still reading In the Devil’s Garden: a sinful history of forbidden food by Stewart Lee Allen.  No recipes, but lots of fascinating foodie facts and theories.  Not a book to rush through, I expect it will be dipped into for some time to come.

… and for the October table …

I’m still on the hunt for an authentic French pork pâté recipe and would also like to try making an open French Apple tart while there are so many good Autumn apples available (though sadly our own tree has failed badly this year).  I want to continue to cook with the great Autumn produce: marrows, squashes, apples and pears in particular and I will be making some of our favourite chutneys and pickles to see us through the winter months.

Recipe books I’ll be looking through…
A Pocket Book on Pickles & Preserves: Techniques, Hints & Recipes by Olive Odell – Pub: Octopus
Home Preserves by Jackie Burrow – Pub: Treasure Press
The Penguin Book of Jams, Pickles & Chutneys by David & Rose Mabey – Pub: Penguin
The Perfect Pickle Book by David Mabey & David Collison – Pub: BBC
Home Preserving & Bottling by Gladys Mann – Pub: Hamlyn Kitchen Library 

Happy Eating!

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