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Updated 29 Nov 2010: The mincemeat recipe on this page is for ‘improving’ a jar of shop bought mincemeat by adding extra ingredients.  This site also has a recipe for a delicious and alcoholic Suet Free Mincemeat, made from scratch.

Mincemeat is a traditional sweetened filling which has altered down the centuries.  It no longer contains minced meat (originally mutton or pork), of course, but most mincemeat includes shredded beef or vegetarian suet.  Home made Mincemeat is relatively easy to make, but sometimes time is tight and this is a useful shortcut.  This is an easy version for improving on a standard jar of shop purchased mincemeat which turns standard mincemeat into something a bit more special!  The choice and quantities of additional ingredients is up to you. You will need a second jar for the extra mincemeat: the quantity you make will depend on the quantity of extra ingredients you add.  It is unlikely that you will have any unused mincemeat at the end of the Christmas season, but if you do I suggest that you use it up as I am not sure how well it would keep.

Margo, a friend in our last church in Ipswich, Suffolk, a cookery teacher, showed us this quick ‘cheat’ recipe at a Christmas cookery demonstration. The mincemeat can be used in a variety of ways: as the filling of a large tart or for individual mince pies. Use either a standard shortcrust pastry or Nigella Lawson’s special orange flavoured pastry, see Basic Recipe: Pastry.

Last Minute Mincemeat

1 jar of good quality mincemeat
(if you do not eat meat then make sure it is made with vegetable suet)

Select from the following additional ingredients:
Extra mixed dried fruit (usually a mixture of sultanas, raisins and mixed peel)
Other dried fruit ie: chopped apricots, glace cherries, small amount crystallised ginger…
Grated apple
Orange or clementine zest & juice
Brandy or liqueur
Sugar (optional)
Suet (optional)

Mix the purchased mincemeat with a selection of extra ingredients, making sure they are well combined.  Spoon into jars and ideally leave for 24hrs before using so flavours combine.

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