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‘Meanderings through my cookbook’ was officially launched one year ago today.  I started adding recipes and transferring posts from my other blog in the few weeks prior to this date, but it officially went live on 1 April 2009. 

In the past year there have been:
Posts – 150
Comments – 41 
Total Views (midnight, 31 March 2010) – 11,372
Highest number of views in one day – 160 (21 January 2010)

The most viewed post of my first year is:
Australian Spiced Roast Pork – 687 views 

100_2332-Australian spiced roast pork

'Meanderings through my Cookbook' http://www.hopeeternalcookbook.wordpress.com

Followed by:
2.    Creamy Pasta with Bacon & Courgettes – 608
3.    Divine: Heavenly Chocolate Recipes with heart: … – 390
4.    Roast Lamb with Orange & Rosemary – 387
5.    Basic Recipe: Simple Tomato Sauce – 339
6.    Courgette & Lentil Gratin – 318
7.    Double Salmon & Avocado Pizza – 303
8.    Tarte au Citron – 254
9.    Spanish Style Pork & Peppers – 244
10.  Raspberry Bakewell Pudding – 240 

(This list is unchanged from the top 10 most viewed recipes of 2009 and it will be interesting to see how it changes in the coming months.)  Most recipes listed have been posted for a number of months so have had plenty of time to attract viewers, however rising rapidly though the ratings is Fragrant Marmalade Cake which was posted this year on 5 March 2010, so less than a month ago.  It has already reached number 13, attracting 168 views in a few short weeks.  I wonder where it will be at the end of the calendar year, or when I celebrate my second Blogiversary?

In the past year I have posted many of our favourite family recipes, plus some newly discovered ones which I fully intend to make again and in some cases have done so already. There are more recipes waiting to be posted plus lots of ideas to try out. 

Thank you for reading this post: thank you for visiting my meanderings: I do hope that you will come back again in the coming months to ‘Meander through my cookbook’ with me!  


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