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July ’Meanderings’ … 

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Pictured (top to bottom)
Sweet Potato & Red Leicester Streudel
Cinnamon Pear Ice Cream
Spiced Vegetable Dhal Lasagne
Citrus Fruit Mousse

'Meanderings through my Cookbook' http://www.hopeeternalcookbook.wordpress.com

For some time I have been wanting to share some of my favourite vegetarian recipes, collected over the years, so I have posted just a few this month.  Although I am not a vegetarian myself, I do have vegetarian friends so it is handy to have a selection of good ideas for entertaining.  I also try to cook a vegetarian meal each week for the family (not as regularly as I would like, but I do try!)  There are some really delicious meals out there which do not need meat – or fish.  The one I have made most frequently is Nigella Lawson’s Triple Cheese & Onion Strata, or at least a version of it: I often use leeks which are a delicious addition.  This is closely followed by Sweet Potato & Red Leicester Streudel which is great made as individual portion mini-streudels.  For lovers of spicy dishes there is my own Spiced Vegetable Dhal Lasagne: definitely no meat needed here! 

'Meanderings through my Cookbook' http://www.hopeeternalcookbook.wordpress.com

Since I rediscovered my (Philips Delizia) Ice Cream machine last year I have found some lovely new ice cream and sorbet recipes and I have been posting these to continue on from the Summer dessert recipes of last month: Cider-Apple Sorbet, Cinnamon Pear Ice Cream and Mango Ice Cream.  In addition to these three ice cream/sorbets I have also included a basic recipe for Citrus Fruit Mousse, a recipe which is adaptable and could be made with a variety of fruits.  As I try out new combinations I hope, as usual, to update the recipe. Read further on for more  about my cookbook of the month, Ice Creams published by Hamlyn. 

'Meanderings through my Cookbook' http://www.hopeeternalcookbook.wordpress.com

Restaurant Meanderings:
I ate a really enjoyable Indian meal this month. While visiting a friend in East Ham, London, E6 we went to Saravanaa Bhavan, a local Indian vegetarian restaurant serving food from the Tamil Nadu region, on the East coast of India.  We enjoyed a delicious and unusual meal, sharing two different dishes, Bagalabath (yoghurt rice cooked mixed with cashews, grapes, mustard seeds, served with pickle) and Basibelabath (rice cooked with lentils and mixed vegetables served with potato chips/appalam), drinking Lassi to go with it.   Delicious – but rather hot!  I have suggested we eat there again on another occasion as there are other dishes I would like to try, in particular the rice and lentil pattie known as idly

'Meanderings through my Cookbook' http://www.hopeeternalcookbook.wordpress.com

Small Screen Meanderings: 
I am still watching and enjoying the Australian SBS TV series Food Safari, presented by Maeve O’Meara which was shown on the UKTV Good Food Channel.  I have now watched almost all the programmes and have discovered a great deal about the key foods and recipes from many countries worldwide, even though each of the programmes is just a half hour snapshot.  The Food Safari website is very detailed, giving programme, ingredient and other information, as well as a large number of recipes.  I notice too that there is a Food Safari book to accompany the programme: I shall have to investigate further!

Bookshelf Meanderings: 
While writing about books I ought to mention the Ice Cream book that I have been using this past month, which is fast becoming a favourite: Ice Creams published by Hamlyn – there is no specified author. (Yes, I know I already have two books, but this one pleaded with me from the charity shop shelf and I just had to have it!)  It is a slim volume, but packed with delicious ideas.  This month the recipes I have posted for Cinnamon Pear Ice Cream and Mango Ice Cream come from the book, as well as that for Honeyed Banana Ice Cream with Nuts posted a few weeks ago.  There are so many other good ones too: I have my eye on Cherry Almond Ice Cream, Crystallised Ginger Ice Cream and St Clements Ice Cream (St Clements is a mixture of orange and lemon, as  in the nursery rhyme: Oranges and Lemons, say the bells of St Clements …’.

Blogosphere Meanderings: 
Each month I will be highlighting some of the sites I have been enjoying recently: one food site from the UK, one from outside the UK plus something completely different, which may or may not have a food connection.  This month my three are:
UK foodie site … Keep Learning Keep Smiling.  For me, the title of Mary Moh’s blog sums up the joy of food blogging so well: always learning and hopefully smiling at what we produce.  Mary produces an interesting variety of food, mostly influenced by her Malaysian heritage.  I enjoy blogs that are informative, a recent example being her fascinating post, Best Local Fruits of Malaysia but I also enjoy hearing about unusual recipes, such as the ones for Pandan Yoghurt Cake and Tamarind (Assam) Tomato Tiger Prawns.
Non-UK foodie site … Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  I know that I am not alone in enjoying Celia’s blog, which originates from Sydney, Australia.  I never know what is going to pop into my Inbox and I have so many of her posts bookmarked.  Posts that have recently caught my attention are: Homemade Greek Yoghurt (I have a yoghurt maker which really ought to see the light of day again), Rhubarb and Blackberry Jam (there is rhubarb in the freezer and loads of blackberries in the garden, so this is something to try when I get back from holiday) plus Butterscotch Brownies (yum – no other comment needed!)  Some of the ingredients differ from what is available here in the UK, but  most recipes are possible.
…and something else – Epicute (part of the ‘Cheezburger’ Network) arrives in my Inbox most days and makes me smile!  Some people make so much effort to get their food ‘just right’ and most of the photos on this site are delightful.  Some of my recent favourites: Pizza Cat!, Meaty BBQ Cupcakes, Noms and Crafts, Tower of Babies, Family Portrait Time & Bon Appetit Petit!* – most come from food sites and blogs which you can follow a link to visit to find out more.  

July Recipes 

Cider-Apple Sorbet
Cinnamon Pear Ice Cream
Citrus Fruit Mousse
Mango Ice Cream 

Nut Rissoles in Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti Neapolitana
Spiced Vegetable Dhal Lasagne
Sweet Potato & Red Leicester Streudel
Triple Cheese & Onion Strata 

Meanderings Revisited (remakes & updates of previously posted recipes) …
Australian Spiced Roast Pork
Choc-Cherry Banana Flapjacks
Special Pilaf Kedgeree
Strawberry & Almond Cream 

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‘For what we are about to receive…’ August 2010 & beyond 

I will be away on holiday during August, but have scheduled posts which should appear while I am away: a selection of salads plus some quick and easy snack recipes.  At this time of year and especially on holiday where it is self-catering, I mostly choose food that I can get to the table within half an hour – after all it is my holiday too.  We are off to the French Alps via Burgundy.  Among other dishes, I very much hope to be able to try Tartiflette, which I make at home (will be interesting to compare), as well as sampling our usual quota of cheese and patisserie. I have a list of special ingredients and food items to look out for as well!   I am hoping to be able to add some more French Style recipes to this site in the coming weeks. 

Meanderings Revisited will also be taking a break during August, but will re-appear in September.  

Happy Cooking & Eating!

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