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September ’Meanderings’ …

A new look for this roundup from this month with less words as I am going to let the pictures do the talking instead.  Just click on the title to be taken to the post – and enjoy!  I am enjoying reading the comments that are coming in and linking up with new ‘foodie’ friends – if you are one of these then thank you for bothering to write.  I would love to hear from anyone who makes any of the recipes I post through the comments section for that recipe.

Here are the recipes I have made during September: some lovely ways of cooking chicken for the early Autumn plus some French style recipes to keep alive the memories of our Summer holiday to the French Alps this year.  (Read Meanderings ‘à la carte’ August 2010 for more details of where we visited and the foods we enjoyed there and brought home.)

Recipes this month

 Zaatar Chicken                   Mexican Style Chicken Pepper Salad
Aromatic Lemon Roast Chicken              Tamarind Chicken Satay
Chicken & Bacon Fricassée                                     Salad Niçoise
Tartiflette                                                 Mille-feuilles Napoléon
All images ©’Meanderings through my Cookbook’


Meanderings Revisited (links back to original post)
Le Far Breton aux Pruneaux (Breton Far with Prunes)
Minted Salmon & Fennel Tortilla Omelette
Blackberry, Apple & Ginger Crumble
Beetroot Chutney
Blackberry Curd

Bookshelf Meanderings:
During September I made a number of recipes from Mediterranean Cooking by Christine France, including Aromatic Lemon Roast Chicken which I have posted this month.  This slim paperback book was originally available from Tesco Supermarkets (priced £3 in 1998, according to the label still on the cover) but I acquired it from a local charity shop for a fraction of this price.  It is packed with straightforward recipes full of the flavours of Mediterranean ingredients.  I hoped my family would shut their eyes and pretend they were still on holiday!  As a result of the recipes in this book I finally got round to cooking and serving Polenta to my family – and then wondered why we had never eaten it before.  It is such an easy ingredient to use.  Firstly we ate it as a simple buttery mash but on a second occasion I turned it into Courgette Polenta Slices (recipe to follow).  (I have made corn bread too in the past and really must do so again as I remember how much we enjoyed it: I just wish I could remember where I got the recipe!)  Three more recipes are in the pipeline to eventually be posted on this site, all very much enjoyed by us: Florentine Pork with Chick Peas, Tuscan Style Sausage Pot and Prawns with Provencale Style Tomato Salsa.  Among other recipes, I also have my eye on Sicilian Cauliflower Salad, Pumpkin Lemon & Parmesan Risotto & Tiramisu Ice Cream.  If you come across this book I recommend you snap it up!

Blogosphere Meanderings:
The Omnivorous Bear is written by Wendy who lives near Nottingham in Central England. I particularly enjoyed her posts about Apple Butter and she was kind enough to offer to let me know a good source of windfall cooking apples local to her (unfortunately the distance between us would have made taking up her kind offer rather silly – but thanks again Wendy!)  Not long afterwards I found some beautiful Crab Apples instead and turned them into Crab Apple Cheese, which is similar and was successful.  Wendy made her Apple Butter into a delicious sounding Toffee & Apple Butter Crumble and Apple Butter Cake, both of which I must try with my Crab Apple cheese.  Other recipes made recently which took my attention are: Seed & Grain Bread, Cheese & Sweetcorn Scones, Puy Lentil & Pumpkin Soup … plus some good instructions for Madeleines, which I will treat as reminder to get my as yet unused tin out of the cupboard and give them a go!

Restaurant Meanderings:
We ate out with family at a The Royal Thai Restaurant at Stoney Stratford, Bucks (near Milton Keynes) which they recommended and had visited on a number of occasions.  It was a quiet weekday lunchtime, the food was delicious and we ate relatively cheaply from their two course lunchtime set menu.  Almost everyone started with Sesame Prawn Toast – always a favourite (and not difficult to make either).  Main courses included Panaeng (a dry aromatic curry that was excellent, if rather hot) and Pad Priew Wan (a less hot sweet and sour flavoured dish).  We will be going back again: I want to try the Pad Thai, which is on the other lunchtime ‘Express’ menu!

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‘For what we are about to receive…’ October 2010 

Coming in October … I will be making the most of nature’s bounty adding recipes for chutneys, jellies and similar and also adding some recipes which include apples.

Happy Cooking & Eating!

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