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March ’Meanderings’ …

March was cake month.   There were so many good ones I had made in the past few months that were just waiting to be given a wider airing.

Recipes this month

Mini Sweet Heart Cakes

Whole Orange Cake                                              Cherry & Coconut Cake
Cinnamon Swirl Banana Cake                                       Ginger Fruit Cake
Mocha Fruit & Nut Cake

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Bookshelf Meanderings:
Perfect Cooking by Marguerite Patten.
This book was bought for me as a present many years ago as a ‘starter’ book containing basic recipes and a complete overview of cooking.  I have also seen the same book produced as a ‘part work’ available in magazine format purchased over a number of weeks.  I have produced a number of recipes using this book.
Already on this site: (just one so far) Cherry & Coconut Cake
On my list: Eccles Cakes, Bourbon Biscuits, Florentines, Apricot Lemon Souffle, Cyprus Chicken Salad in an Orange Rice Ring; Baked Scotch Eggs; Piperade; Salmon Pie Florentine; Salmon … Chicken Chowder; Paprikascsirke/Hungarian Paprika Chicken; Crêpes Suzettes; Savarin; Danish Pastries; Nougat; Nut Brittle; Fish in a Jacket; Spinach Niçoise; Parsnip Roast; Boston Baked Beans; Bubble & Squeak; Eskimo Risotto; Buttermilk Fruit Cake; Salmon Cream Flan; Orange Cheesecake

Blogosphere Meanderings:
This month I want to mention a fellow clergy wife, Amanda, at The Vicar’s Wife whose simple, quickly made and most importantly, delicious Whole Orange Cake I have now made many times.   Need a quick cake to take to an event?  This is the one!  The Vicar’s wife writes on life in and around her West Midlands Vicarage. There are a few more recipes there too as well as posts on a diverse range of subjects: I particularly liked the Holy Week Timeline, Resurrection Eggs (and the additional post Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers, Sunday School and Busy Vicars), Afterwards I Knew (a book review), Hallelujah in a Modern Church and A Very Short Sermon – the best type? (1minute 43seconds).  I never know what I will read next! Coming up on this site soon, my version of Amanda’s Spanish Gammon Hotpot. Other recipes she has that I particularly want to try are Lemonies, and Date and Coconut Chews.
Entertaining Meanderings: 
There was another big church lunch to cater again this month.  Four people were leaving the parish for pastures anew, including two members of staff and a church member leaving for mission work in South-east Asia.  We found ourselves catering for 150+ … and having to use the considerably larger facilities of the girls’ secondary school next door to the church.  In the end it was a fabulous occasion with plenty of food and plenty of choice with a large number of willing helpers.  My contribution was Mexican Style Chicken & Pepper Salad for 50 people using Poached Chicken Breasts, which were cooked in advance so easy to assemble on the morning and a large Black Forest Trifle.

Miscellaneous Meanderings:
I can hardly believe that I have been ‘Meandering through my Cookbook’ for two years and have posted a roundup to celebrate my 2nd blogiversary.


‘For what we are about to receive…’ April 2011

Coming in April … a change of posting plan.  Rather than a collection of similar recipes each month I am going to try posting a much broader range of recipes: both savoury and sweet.  Starting with a special Afternoon Tea on a special day for a special lady!

Happy Cooking & Eating!

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