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April ’Meanderings’ …

It is not often that we have an April Mothering Sunday in the UK, but then this year we have a very late Easter.  Having been inspired by afternoon tea eaten out with a friend, where the finger rolls and cakes were served on a dainty cake stand, I marked the occasion by serving Afternoon Tea to my mother (and my father too) with savoury baguette bite sandwiches, scones and cakes.  At the end of the month, for Easter, I added a picture of our Simnel Cake, decorated with marzipan and chocolate eggs, based on my much used Christmas Cake recipe.

Recipes this month

Afternoon Tea for Mothering Sunday   Basic Recipe: Poached Chicken Breasts  
Roast Beef/Roasted Balsamic Onion & Thyme Sauce   Butternut Squash Ragoût 
Traditional Simnel Cake for Easter                       Basic recipe: Sweet Scones 

All images ©’Meanderings through my Cookbook’

Bookshelf Meanderings:
Book of Cakes by Delia Smith
I own quite a few books by Delia Smith, including some of her early paperbacks.  Some of my favourite cake recipes come from the original 1977 edition, which has since been updated and republished in larger format.  There is certainly a wealth of delicious cake and biscuit ideas packed into this little book:
Already on this site: Sweet Devonshire Scones, Apricot Hazelnut Meringue Gateau, Traditional Yorkshire Oatmeal Parkin (same recipe as in in the Complete Cookery Book)
On my list: Spiced Apple & Cider Cake, Old Fashioned Seed Cake, Sticky Malt Loaf, Spiced Date & Walnut Loaf, Honey & Spice Cake, Apricot Crumble Cake, Chocolate Log with Chestnut filling, Eccles Cakes, Spiced Apple & Sultana Fingers, Crusty Currant Cakes, Good Old Rock Cakes, Chelsea Buns, Treacle Scones, Rich Fruit Scones, Cheese Crusted Scones, Sesame Biscuits, Almond Tuiles, Chocolate Orange Biscuits, Langue du Chat Biscuits, Digestive Biscuits, Cheat’s Lemon Gateau, plus various cheesecake recipes.

Miscellaneous Meanderings:
For some time I have hankered after a Bundt tin.  There are some fantastic ones around in the most amazing shapes: cathedrals, castles, open flowers but they are so very expensive.  Perhaps justifiable if I was making cakes to order, but I don’t.  However I came across this much simpler shaped one on our local market for the bargain price of £3 – a snip!

I love hand me downs too!  Just recently my sister in law gave me her Magimix Le Duo juicer, which comes complete with citrus squeezer – just in time for Summer drinks.  Great!  I have some lovely lemonade recipes on my list, including versions flavoured with added mint, ginger or even lavender.


‘For what we are about to receive…’ May 2011

Coming in May … As usual we are going to France for our holidays, but this year we will be spending the middle part of our time in Spain: a week in Catalonia, north of Barcelonia taking in the scenery that inspired the surrealist artist Salvador Dali.  A time to explore the artistic heritage of the region as well as the local foods.  During May the posts and recipes will have a Spanish theme as a result of my research into Spanish food.  Salted Fish, tasty but an acquired taste, is used widely and I will add the results of my experiment in salting fish at home.  The Spanish have a sweet tooth too so there will also be the recipe for the best rice pudding we have ever eaten!

Happy Cooking & Eating!

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