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Here in #Awesomestow Walthamstow we have no rioting but lots of hungry police around keeping the peace.  The @StMarysRespite centre has been up and running at St Marys Welcome Centre in Walthamstow Village for days providing drinks, hot meals and oodles of cake. … and it is fun to be part of, such good fun!

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Read postordinandy on how the centre started
Read what another helper ‘normalinlondon’ has written
See pictures by Martin and Kate including some more of the comment cards from our ‘clients’.

There is wonderful community spirit – a really good mix of local people and not just church members. The current plan is for the centre to run until Tuesday this week (16th)…

There is cooking of a sort to write about too, after all this is technically a cooking blog…   We are getting lots of food donations from the community which is fantastic though an interesting selection.  Yesterday I concocted a veggie pasta bake with cooked pasta (of course!) mixed with two tins of Heinz soup (one vegetable and one lentil), 2 tins tomatoes, 3 small tins of peas, a tin of baked beans and topped it with grated cheese – quick and simple and I understood it actually wasn’t too bad (I was a bit worried about putting in the soups).

Today a friend gave me a large bag of windfall apples and we have more blackberries in the garden than I know what to do with! so on the menu tonight: Blackberry & Apple Sponge – tomorrow: Blackberry & Apple Crumble…

Now, what to do with 4 packets of supernoodles (all different flavours) and a small tin of French (Leclerc Eco brand) pate………?  Suggestions gratefully received…  Think of it as the Masterchef invention test!

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