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The eagle eyed among my readers might just have noticed that my posts have slowed down in recent weeks.  My plan has been to try and add one post per week since the Summer but I am still very behind.

I feel that an explanation is due…   I have been a stay at home mother & vicar’s wife for almost 25 years and now my family responsibilities are fewer have been wondering what to do with my life.  I have long wanted to work alongside my husband in the church so in September I started on the Course in Christian Studies run by Chelmsford Diocese, which although a fairly basic theology course is still a challenge for me.  It is over 30 years since I have studied seriously: the reading and thinking are OK, but I am still getting used to doing homework and the prospect of doing essays looms.  It is a two year course and at the end I should get a certificate and a pat on the head from our bishop.

As for ‘… where am I going?’ I’m not sure where this will all take me but it is an interesting course and an exciting journey.

So please bear with me: I will post when I can and meanwhile do my best to catch up.  I suspect that simple quick meals might be the order of the day for the time being, but there are a number of recipes already done which simply need writing up.  If I do ever catch up with posts I will probably delete this message.

Meanwhile, back to the homework – we are studying the Old Testament this term…!


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